Gas Solutions

Natural Gas Distribution System Remote Monitoring Solutions

Enetics provides a range of monitoring solutions that provide utilities with necessary tools to create a proactively managed operation that will  improve safety and lower system vulnerability.

** For additional information we suggest reading the following white paper, "MONITORING REMOTE GAS DISTRIBUTION FLOW AND PRESSURE WITHOUT SCADA, POWER, OR COMMUNICATIONS".**

 Improving System Stability

The Enetics family of gas monitoring products is designed to monitor:

  • Static Pressure

  • Bi-directional Flow

  • Temperature

  • Water Content

  • Vibration

By monitoring the above parameters, your utility may acquire data and be quickly alerted to issues before they become full blown emergencies. Enetics gas monitoring products are reasonably priced because they are intended to be deployed  through distribution systems. You will have your finger on the pulse of the entire system at any given time, even remote areas where there is no SCADA, power, or communication installed.

Wireless, Battery Powered, Remote Monitoring Solution

GasTrackTM Recording Telemetry Unit

GasTrack is your first responder in the field. GasTrack interfaces with the Enetics GasComm® Sensor Array and Enetics Pressure Sensor to provide utilities with the information they need to improve and maintain system stability. Because GasTrack is reasonably priced, it can be installed throughout the entire distribution system and will record for historical analysis as well as provide real-time alarming so you can respond quickly to potential threats. 

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Utility RTU Interface Recording Unit

GasComm Control Module

The GasComm Control Module (GCM) is a liaison between the Enetics family of sensors (GasComm Sensor Array and Enetics Pressure Sensor) and your recording telemetry units. Acquired data may be used for analysis, historical data and real-time alarming of adverse conditions. The GCM is intended to be installed in environments where power and communication are available such as a SCADA point. 

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Wireless, Battery Powered Natural Gas Pressure Recording IoT Telemetry Unit

GasPoint™ Recording Telemetry Unit

The GasPoint recording telemetry unit (RTU) is designed to provide a no maintenance upgrade from natural gas circular chart pressure recorders. Internal pressure and temperature sensors with direct connections to existing site hardware, cellular telemetry and a five year battery lifetime combine to provide utilities instant alarm notifications and reliable cloud-based performance trending.  GasPoint provides a simple, paperless solution to improve situational awareness of emerging distribution network issues and daily asset performance.

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Distribution Monitoring Sensors

GasComm Sensor Array

GasComm is a NYSEARCH member-funded intrinsically safe sensor that provides utilities with a cost-effect method of providing autonomous operational monitoring fo their steel (PE coming soon) pipe distribution gas network. GasComm interfaces with the Enetics GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit or the Enetics GCM Recording Unit and monitors a variety of attributes to provide data acquisition that will improve safety through the distribution system. GasComm is strategically priced to allow deployment throughout the distribution system so you can keep a finger on the pulse of your entire system. 

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Pressure Sensor

The Enetics Pressure Sensor connects to the Enetics GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit and the GCM Recording Unit to provide multiple points of pressure monitoring thoughtout the entire system. 

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