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Enetics is excited to announce the commercial availability of GasComm®, a single-node IoT based flowmeter providing measurement and recording of static pressure, temperature, and humidity, in addition to flow velocity and flow volume.

Wireless and battery powered, GasComm is designed to operate at remote sites for years without the need for costly power drops or radio networks.  Encrypted cellular telemetry provides instant alarm notifications as well as cloud-based data storage.  Data is accessed using the secure web-based EneticsEDGETM User Interface software, included with your purchase. GasComm provides autonomous operational state monitoring of both steel and PE pipe distribution gas networks and can dramatically enhance existing Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP).



Enetics is a New York State Certified Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP)  

Enetics is New York State certified to provide end-use customers with meter data services including meter reading, billing and communications as well as load curtailment and energy management services in a web-based environment. Enetics can also obtain meter readings, provide data hosting, perform validation and convey meter data to the appropriate ESCO’s, public utilities, or private customers requesting these services. 

ETL Certification

The Enetics GasComm sensor array is ETL certified, which is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

QAN - Quality Assurance Notification

This process is in accordance with the ATEX Directive for the EU and UK for equipment used in zones 1 and 0 (also 21 and 20). It is a mandatory Quality Assurance System for companies that apply for an ATEX EU-Type examination. To be permitted to sell ATEX products on the European market, manufacturers must obtain a Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) issued by a Notified Body.

QAR - Quality Assurance Registration

The EN 80079-34 process is in accordance with IECEx requirements. This is a mandatory Quality Assurance Manufacturing System for companies that apply for an IECEx Certificate of Conformity. Many of the requirements for ISO 9001 and EN 80079-34 overlap, although EN 80079-34 is more stringent, sometimes referred to as ISO 9001 on steroids. The QAR process does not require a manufacturer to be ISO 9001 registered. In reality, by setting up the BS EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 system, a manufacturer will meet or exceed all the requirements of ISO 9001. The IECEx QAR audit scheme does not differ much from the ATEX QAN audit scheme. As a manufacturer of Intrinsically Safe products, Enetics participates in the standard QAN and QAR process audit cycle which is typically 3 years with surveillance occurring every 12-18 months.