• Beyond Measure
    Delivering Energy Intelligence with precision
    instruments, data warehousing and management,
    and advanced software analytics.
  • We Keep Information Flowing
    We can help you measure performance
    throughout your entire distribution network
    to help sustainably manage and protect it.
  • Real-Time Data
    Real-time results. Understand how resources are
    being used and how they can be managed more
    efficiently with web-based data and analytics.
  • The Power to Do More
    Manage assets, loads, and costs more
    effectively and efficiently.

Enetics is a New York State Certified Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP)  

Enetics is New York State certified to provide end-use customers with meter data services including meter reading, billing and communications as well as load curtailment and energy management services in a web-based environment. Enetics can also obtain meter readings, provide data hosting, perform validation and convey meter data to the appropriate ESCO’s, public utilities, or private customers requesting these services.