• Beyond Measure
    Delivering Energy Intelligence with precision
    instruments, data warehousing and management,
    and advanced software analytics.
  • We Keep Information Flowing
    We can help you measure performance
    throughout your entire distribution network
    to help sustainably manage and protect it.
  • Real-Time Data
    Real-time results. Understand how resources are
    being used and how they can be managed more
    efficiently with web-based data and analytics.
  • The Power to Do More
    Manage assets, loads, and costs more
    effectively and efficiently.

Enetics is a New York State Certified Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP)  

Enetics is New York State certified to provide end-use customers with meter data services including meter reading, billing and communications as well as load curtailment and energy management services in a web-based environment. Enetics can also obtain meter readings, provide data hosting, perform validation and convey meter data to the appropriate ESCO’s, public utilities, or private customers requesting these services. 

In 2014 Enetics was awarded an initial development contract by NGA/NYSEARCH to develop GasComm®, a monitoring system that provides an economical method of providing autonomous operational state monitoring of the steel pipe distribution gas network. Upon successful completion of GasComm, Enetics has been awarded a follow on contract to extend GasComm to include PE piping network functionality.