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Our Mission

Enetics brings actionable information from the field to utility decision makers to enable smarter energy resource management. We understand energy resources are finite and we provide solutions to ensure these resources are sustainably managed so they will be available for future generations. 

Beyond Measure

Energy delivery is getting more complicated and challenging each and every day, and the world today demands more than just measurement. Utility companies are striving to make the most of an aging infrastructure and a shrinking workforce. Their customers are looking for new ways to manage real-time usage and costs. Business planners are trying to forecast an uncertain future. And all of this is being done in an environment of diminishing margins and increasing regulatory control.

That’s why we go Beyond Measure, and deliver Energy Intelligence with precision instruments, data warehousing and management, and advanced software analytics. The result is actionable information that helps you meet all of these challenges more effectively. It’s the difference between guessing and knowing.

IoT on the grid is the future of energy delivery, and Enetics is the perfect partner for helping you put these smart networks in place. We can handle the entire intelligence infrastructure, giving you a sophisticated system that is easy to use and easier to own. You’ll enjoy lower costs, more accurate answers, faster problem resolution, and a streamlined purchase process.

Our Services

Founded in 1996, Enetics, Inc. delivers complete solution packages for monitoring and managing energy-based IoT infrastructures including data acquisition, recording, telemetry and analytics. Our solutions utilize the existing wireless infrastructure and cloud technology to provide simple and reliable methods of capturing the data our customers require. All our products are designed to employ wireless communication and low power for extended battery life in the field.

Enetics has successfully served the energy diagnostic marketplace for over 20 years and we pride ourselves with exceptional product quality and Customer service. Enetics markets its products and systems worldwide with approximately 50% of our products sold internationally. All Enetics products are designed and manufactured in our Victor, New York facilities, located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.