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The Power to Do More

Energy resources are finite. Very few people truly understand the implications of this fact. The world cannot afford to waste and squander them as if they weren’t, financially and morally.

For Enetics, this is our motivating mission. It drives our partnerships with the utility companies that manage and deliver these resources. It drives our curiosity, our inventiveness, and our commitment to innovation that can help sustainably manage and protect them.

Because we believe we need to understand how these resources are being used, and how they can be used more efficiently. This is what we do, and what we’ll continue to do. Future generations deserve no less.

Measurement is only the first step. We all need to get smarter and Enetics helps utility companies the world over do just that, with the knowledge and information they need to optimize all of their operations. Easily. Affordably. And reliably.

Enetics is a New York State Certified Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP)

Enetics is New York State certified to provide end-use customers with meter data services including meter reading, billing and communications as well as load curtailment and energy management services in a web-based environment. Enetics can also obtain meter readings, provide data hosting, perform validation and convey meter data to the appropriate ESCO’s, public utilities, or private customers requesting these services.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

For over 25 years, this adage has been the driving force behind everything we do. Energy delivery is getting more complicated and more challenging each and every day, and the world today demands more than just measurement. Utility companies are striving to make the most of an aging infrastructure and a shrinking workforce. Their customers are looking for new ways to manage real-time usage and costs. Business planners are trying to forecast an uncertain future. And all of this is being done in an environment of diminishing margins and increasing regulatory control.

That’s why we go Beyond Measure, and deliver Energy Intelligence with precision instruments, data warehousing and management, and advanced software analytics. The result is actionable information that helps you meet all of these challenges more effectively. It’s the difference between guessing and knowing.

IoT on the grid is the future of energy delivery, and Enetics is the perfect partner for helping you put these smart networks in place. We can handle the entire intelligence infrastructure, giving you a sophisticated system that is easy to use and easier to own. You’ll enjoy lower costs, more accurate answers, faster problem resolution, and a streamlined purchase process.

So are you ready to go Beyond Measure? Are you ready for Enetics?