GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit for Natural Gas Distribution System Monitoring

GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit

Wireless, battery powered natural gas IoT recording telemetry unit for measuring:


  • Bidirectional flow volume and velocity

  • Static pressure

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Vibration


  • Pressure alarm and trend status monitoring
  • Remote slam shut valve position monitoring
  • Ambient temperature monitoring
  • Regulator or gate station pressure monitoring
  • End-of-line monitoring
  • SCADA back up monitoring (power grid impervious)
  • Historical trending
  • Network modeling verification
  • Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) enhancement


  • Pressure and temperature alarm notifications
  • Slam shut valve activation notifications
  • Unattended remote site monitoring
  • No power drops or radios required
  • Over-the-Air configuation updates
  • Low-to-no site maintenance required
  • Situational asset awareness
  • Encrypted LTE/ Cat M1 cellular telemetry
  • Power outage impervious
  • SCADA independent or API polling


  • Fast alarm notifications
  • Continuous pressure, temperature and slam shut position monitoring
  • Single or dual channel pressure monitoring
  • Internal or external C1, D1 pressure sensors; 1-500 psi
  • EneticsEDGETM analytic User Interface included
  • Up to 5 year battery life, field replaceable
  • Internal LTE/M1 cellular telemetry
  • AES128 data encryption
  • Years of local and cloud data recording
  • User configuration programmability
  • NEMA 6/IP67 packaging
  • Wall or pole/pipe mounting options available
  • Low cost of ownership

The GasTrack recording telemetry unit (RTU) is designed to provide secure and reliable wireless natural gas distribution network monitoring. Fast alarm notifications and accurate trend data assures full situational awareness of emerging distribution network issues.

Sensor Interface

GasTrack may be used as a single or dual channel pressure recorder. The recorder interfaces with the Enetics family of sensors which includes internal pressure sensors, external pressure sensors and the GasComm® sensor array, a multi-attribute sensor. GasTrack is intended to interface with one or two pressure sensors, one or two GasComm sensors or a combination of pressure sensors and GasComm sensors. This solution provides users with a wide range of monitoring options.

GasTrack can also continuously monitor the position of remote slam shut valves and provide fast notification of activations. Slam shut app note.

Wireless Communications / Five Year Battery Life

The GasTrack RTU utilizes fast-emerging narrowband LTE/M1 cellular network technology to provide secure and reliable data telemetry coupled with a five year battery life. Simple to install, GasTrack eliminates the need for site maintenance and data collection visits, freeing your team to address more pressing issues.

Collecting Data

Attribute data can be sampled at periodic intervals ranging from once per minute to once per 8 hours. Recorded data is uploaded on a periodic schedule, typically once every day, to the remote cloud servers. Data hosting can be securely provided by Enetics private cloud (Microsoft Azure) or Customer on-premise servers.  Readings that exceed user-defined alarm conditions are identified and vetted at the remote site and text, email, and dashboard notifications are sent out immediately, regardless of the programmed cellular call-in schedule, allowing personnel and control room notifications to approach real time.

Data Analytics

Access to the EneticsEDGE™ User Interface software is included with your remote monitoring system and provides secure access to collected field data from the control room, the office, or from remote on or off-site locations. API polling is also available for SCADA integration. Fielded recorders are monitored with GIS mapping methods and a user configurable analytic dashboard. Alarm and site status, configurations, call-in schedules, sampling rates, and personnel access levels and alarm assignments are easily viewed or updated over the air, eliminating repeated site visits.  Raw sampled data is always sent to and stored in the cloud servers but EneticsEDGE has the ability to perform data compression ranging from 15 minutes averaging to 24 hour averaging for improved visibility to the Utility.


The GasTrack RTU, cellular modem, antenna, and battery are integrated into a small NEMA 6/IP67 polycarbonate enclosure weighing less than two pounds. Provisions for mounting and locking are included. External cellular antennas are available for electromagnetically compromised installations.