Recording Unit for the Enetics GasComm Sensor Array

GasComm Control Module (GCM)

Modbus RTU communication interface to measure:

  • Bidirectional flow volume and velocity
  • Static Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Vibration


  • GasComm SCADA integration
  • Multi-attribute alarm monitoring
  • Single-node safety monitoring
  • Regulator station monitoring
  • Historical trending
  • Network modeling verification
  • Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) enhancement


  • Simple Modbus interface with existing SCADA RTU's
  • SCADA data paths undisturbed
  • SCADA security protocols undisturbed
  • SCADA redundancy or backup
  • Situational asset awareness
  • No field maintenance required
  • Unattended site monitoring


  • On-demand sampling of flow, pressure, temp, humidity
  • Asynchronous SCADA RTU polling capability
  • Single or dual channel operation
  • Interfaces with both the GasComm sensor array or Enetics high-accuracy pressure / temperature sensors (5-500 psi)
  • Externally DC powered (12-28Vdc)
  • NEMA 6/IP67 packaging
  • Wall or pole/pipe mounting options available
  • Low cost of ownership

The GasComm® Control Module (GCM) is a simple and affordable method for SCADA networks to interface and import the GasComm sensor array data into a SCADA network without security risk or protocol upsets. 

Sensor Interface

The GCM is designed to be used with the Enetics GasComm sensor array and may be used as a single or dual channel recorder. The GCM can also interface the Enetics high accuracy pressure/temperature sensors.  The GCM can interface with one or two pressure sensors, one or two GasComm sensors or a combination of pressure sensors and GasComm sensors. This solution provides users with a wide range of monitoring options.

Collecting Data

The GCM can be polled asynchronously using Modbus protocols by the existing utlity RTU system. This allows data collection as required to conform with existing SCADA system security protocols. Alarm thresholds are defined and recognized by the existing utility SCADA system.


The GasComm Control Module is packaged into a small NEMA 6/IP67 polycarbonate enclosure weighing less than two pounds. Provisions for mounting and locking are included. 

GCM Recording Unit