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Technical support through phone or e-mail:

Phone: 585-924-5010
Email: support@enetics.com

Enetics’ technical staff members are as close as your telephone to provide your organization with:

  • Information about software operation
  • Assistance in managing your databases
  • Support of installation activities
  • Help in establishing data communications across:
    • USB or RS-232/485 serial ports
    • WiFi networks
    • Ethernet LAN networks
    • Bluetooth communication
    • Cellular modem networks
  • Advice on data compatibility and exporting your data
  • Help in formulating reports and other forms of data presentation

For new customers, 30 days of installation/initiation support is provided without charge. Beyond that, customers may participate in our annual software maintenance and support service contracts.

For additional information on terms and conditions go to TERMS OF USE.

Yes, all of our products can be shipped overseas. We support shipping to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. 

Enetics pays strict attention to Export Control restrictions.

  • How much will I pay for international shipping?

    The price to ship overseas depends on the order size, type of product, destination, and shipping speed. Some countries charge additional customs fees and carrier charges. Enetics cannot anticipate these costs. Before placing your order, please contact your local customs office to inquire about any fees that may be incurred. Enetics will not reimburse you for any additional fees incurred.

  • What are my international shipping options?

    All international orders are shipped using FedEx. We do not offer overnight or second day deliveries for international orders at this time.

  • How long will it take for my package to ship internationally?

    International shipping typically takes around five business days for economy and three business days for priority. We do not offer overnight or second day deliveries for international orders.

  • Are there any other charges, duties, or taxes to pay?

    Additional charges are not included in Enetics’ shipping charges.Enetics's international shipping charges include express air transportation, brokerage fees, and clearance entry fees, but your destination country may charge you import duties (tariffs) and/or taxes and other fees for the products you import from Enetics. These charges are not included and must be paid by you upon receipt of your shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate what your additional charges may be, because customs and taxation policies vary widely from country to country. For exact details, please contact your destination’s customs office or visit their official website.

The Standard Enetics Warranty period is 18 months from the date of initial shipment, not including consumable items such as current transformers, cables and connectors, protective cases, intrinsically safe barriers, and batteries. 

  • Can I extend my Enetics Warranty?

    Yes, the Enetics Standard Warranty duration can be extended 1, 2, or 3 years either at the time of initial purchase or anytime during the original warranty period.

  • Do I need to contact Enetics before shipping a product back for calibration or service?

    Yes. Enetics will issue an RMA (return material authorization) number. Please indicate this number clearly on the outside of your shipping package. Products received without a visible RMA number will be rejected.

  • Will I be charged for shipping a product back for calibration or service?

    In Warranty: Enetics will pay shipping both to and from our New York facilities. When an RMA number is issued, you will be given the appropriate information to use for your shipment

    Out of Warranty: Customer is responsible for shipments to Enetics, Enetics will pay return shipping costs

    International Shipping: Regardless of warranty status, Customer is responsible for shipments to Enetics, Enetics will pay for the return shipping costs.