GasComm Sensor Array

Enetics GasComm® System

Remote Monitoring for Natural Gas Distribution Systems


  • Alarm status monitoring
  • Safety monitoring
  • Static pressure monitoring
  • Bi-directional flow monitoring
  • Water content / infiltration monitoring
  • Vibration / 3rd party excavation or vehicular impact / seismic monitoring
  • Historical trending
  • System modeling
  • SCADA backup / augmentation
  • Distribution integrity management program (DIMP) regulatory compliance


  • Class 1, Division 1, Zone 0 intrinsically safe certified sensor array
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Real-time SMS and email alarm notifications
  • Simple hot-tap installation using common toolsets
  • Modbus RTU data formatting
  • Secure, wireless LTE / M1 cellular telemetry
  • Collect parallel and/or redundant monitoring of relevant site conditions and export data to existing SCADA platforms or RTUs
  • Power outage impervious


  • Fast alarm notifications for all attributes monitored
  • Live pipeline single instrument installation, no downtime required
  • All digital sensors provide drift free performance
  • Low-to-no site visit maintenance
  • Two year recalibration cycle
  • Low cost of ownership

The Enetics GasComm sensor array* is an advanced safety monitoring instrument designed for installation throughout the natural gas distribution network. GasComm can be deployed in all remote points of a network (or augment existing SCADA systems) to monitor user-defined alarm conditions and trend day to day performance. GasComm provides an affordable and reliable means of better understanding the daily performance and readiness of your gas distribution pipeline network using simple, single-node IoT installations.

GasComm Sensor Array

The GasComm sensor array monitors and records five natural gas attributes directly from within the gas distribution piping system with a single sensor installation: 

  • bi-directional flow velocity and volume
  • static pressure
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • vibration 

Installed in 3” to 18” steel pipelines using either T.D. Williamson or Mueller hot tapping tool sets, the GasComm sensor array provides an affordable and reliable means of better understanding the operational readiness and safety status of your distribution pipeline network. PE pipe installation design is underway and will be available in the fall of 2021.

The GasComm sensor array is certified intrinsically safe for use in Class 1, Division 1, Zone 0, Group C & D hazardous locations. The instrument is programmed locally or remotely to sample and collect data at user selected intervals. Remote alarm conditions are continuously monitored, immediately recognized and transmitted regardless of programmed cellular call schedule.

Data Acquisition

The GasComm sensor array data can be captured two different ways:
Enetics GasTrack™ recording telemetry unit (RTU):**

  • Remote or urban installations where there is no onsite power or communications available
  • 5 year battery life
  • LTE / M1 cellular telemetry
  • NEMA 6 / IP67 packaging
  • Class1, Division1 IS compliant

Enetics GasComm Control Module (GCM):** 

  • SCADA site installations
  • ModBus RS485 data polling via existing SCADA RTU
  • External power available
  • Site cabinet or pole mount installation
  • Intrinsic safety barriers for Class1, Div1 IS compliance

*Patent pending
**Please see the GasTrack data sheet or the GCM pages for more information.