Gas Products

Enetics offers a range of natural gas remote monitoring systems that deliver real-time data so you can drive real-time results.

Enetics products include monitoring instrumentation and software that target remote assets, urban or rural, to assist you in delivering natural gas safely as well as aiding in regulatory compliance. Designed for affordability and ease of use, the Enetics family of IoT based natural gas monitoring products provide fast alarming capability, accurate long term trending data, secure telemetry, cloud based data storage, and long, unattended battery life.   

The EneticsEDGE™ User Interface software is included with the purchase of Enetics natural gas monitoring products and provides a simple and secure way to view, export, re-configure, re-assign, group, report, share, protect, and respond to the data you collect remotely in the field from anywhere in the world.  

The Enetics remote monitoring systems require no power drops or radio networks to monitor: 

  • Bidirectional Flow Volume and Velocity

  • Static Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Vibration

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"Imagine Your Slam Shut Valves CALLING You When There's an Issue !"

"Imagine Your Circular Charts CALLING You When There's an Issue !"


 Wireless, Battery Powered Remote Monitoring

GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit 

Pressure, temperature, slam shut position

GasTrack is your first responder in the field. 

The GasTrack Recording Telemetry Unit (RTU) interfaces with the Enetics GasComm® Sensor Array and Enetics Pressure Sensors to provide Utilities with the information they need to improve and maintain system stability. The GasTrack RTU is designed to provide secure and reliable wireless natural gas distribution network monitoring without the need for power drops or radio networks. Fast alarm notifications (user-defined) and accurate trend data assures full situational awareness of emerging distribution network issues. 

GasTrack can also be used to monitor your slam shut valves for activation.

GasTrack utilizes fast-emerging narrowband LTE Cat M1 cellular network technology to provide secure (encrypted) and reliable data telemetry coupled with up to a five year battery lifetime. Simple to install, GasTrack eliminates the need for site maintenance and data collection visits, freeing your team to address more pressing issues. 

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GasComm® Control Module (GCM) 

SCADA RTU ModBus 485 Interface

The GasComm Control Module (GCM) allows GasComm sensor array data to be securely accessed by existing SCADA networks. Simple RTU Modbus polling by Utility RTU's allows existing SCADA data pathways and security protocols to operate undisturbed.  The GCM can interface the Enetics family of sensors (GasComm Sensor Array and Enetics Pressure Sensor). 

The GCM can be polled by your SCADA RTU's as fast as every five seconds using Modbus 485 protocols. This allows data collection as required to conform with existing SCADA system protocols and security measures. Alarm threshold events are defined and recognized by thte Utility SCADA system. The GCM is intended to be installed in environments where external DC power is available, such as at a SCADA point.  

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GasPoint Recording Telemetry Unit 

Pressure / Temperature Recording Circular Chart Upgrades

The GasPoint recording telemetry unit (RTU) is designed to provide a no maintenance upgrade from circular chart pressure/temperature recorders.

Internal pressure sensors can be connected to existing site hardware, either in parallel with existing circular charts (adding instant alarm notification capability) or in place of existing circular chart recorders alltogether.  Cellular telemetry and a five year battery lifetime combine to provide utilities instant alarm notifications and reliable cloud-based performance trending without the need for chart translations.

GasPoint provides a simple, paperless solution to improve situational awareness of emerging distribution network issues and daily asset performance.

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 Natural Gas Distribution Monitoring Sensors

GasComm® Sensor Array
Flow velocity and volume, static pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration - single node 

The Enetics GasComm sensor array is an advanced, patented IoT based flowmeter that also provides static pressure, temperature, humidity, and vibration monitoring in a single-node.

Class1, Division1 intrinsic safety certifications allow GasComm to be installed remotely throughtout the natural gas distribution network, acting as an affordable analytic safety monitor. 

GasComm data can be captured by the Enetics GasTrack RTU, providing cellular telemetry, cloud-based storage, fast alarm notifications, and a five year battery lifetime, or by the Enetics GasComm Control Module (GCM) which interfaces to utility SCADA RTU's via simple Modbus485 polling.  

GasComm can be deployed in all remote points of a network (blind spots, end-of-line, non-SCADA critical points) to monitor user-defined alarm conditions and trend day-to-day performance. GasComm is an excellent way to enhance your Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP), providing an affordable and reliable means of better understanding the daily performance and readiness of your gas distribution steel or PE pipelines and improving situational awareness to minutes rather than hours or days. 

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Enetics Pressure/Temperature Sensors

The external Enetics high accuracy pressure and temperature sensors are designed for use with the Enetics GasTrack RTU or the GasComm Control Unit (GCM). Wireless, battery powered telemetry and fast alarm notifications provide a reliable means of monitoring single or dual channel pressure sites that are located remotely without the need for power drops or communication network installs. 

The sensors can also be polled by utility SCADA RTU's when using the GCM, providing a secure means of monitoring pressure and temperature at SCADA sites. 

A wide variety of full scale pressures are available and the sensors are fully IS certified to Class1, Division1 standards. When combined with the Enetics GasTrack RTU or Gas Control Module (GCM),  these external sensors provide a simple and affordable way to remotely monitor pressure and temperature throughout your natural gas distribution system without the need for power drops or radio networks.

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