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Enetics offers a range of electric monitoring systems that deliver real-time data so you can drive real-time results.

ELECTRIC: Power Quality / Flicker Monitoring

Enetics energy monitoring recorders provide a cost effetctive solution to monitor power quality and flicker. Available in Class A, standard, dual phase or three phase, we are sure to have the solution you need to improve troubleshooting and customer service. Take a look at the hardware comparison chart below, just click on the + sign to the right.


Power Quality / Flicker


Power Quality / Flicker


LM-3111-A LM-3431-A LM-3111-S LM-3431-S
Dual phase (L1-N, L2-N, L1+L2)
Three phase + N (Phase to N, Phase to Phase)
2S/12S meter enclosure
NEMA 4X portable polypropylene enclosure
IEC 61000 - 4-30 compliant
IEC 61000 - 4-7 compliant
IEC 61000 - 4-15 compliant
Line powered (any phase)
Line voltage (0 to 240 Vrms)
Line voltage (0 to 600 Vrms)
Voltage per phase
Current per phase
Internal current transformers (0 to 200 Amps)
External current transformers (0 to 6,000 Amps)
Power factor (PF) per phase and total
Real power (W) per phase and total
Reactive power (VARs) per phase and total
Apparent power (VA) per phase and total
Frequency (50Hz or 60Hz selectable)
Voltage harmonics (1 to 50)
Current harmonics (1 to 50)
Voltage harmonics (1 to 25)
Current harmonics (1 to 25)
Voltage interharmonics
Current interharmonics
Under/over deviation
Magnitude of supply
Voltage unbalance
Current unbalance
Clock Synchronization
External influence
Rapid voltage change
SQL database
Excel macro analysis software