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LD-1120 NILM Recorder

• Single point end-use residential metering

• Records whole-house appliance data for determination of end-use load shapes using Enetics SPEED™ System Software

• Full database support with analysis software included

• Remote communication options:

  - USB, RS-232 serial, MODBUS RTU protocols 
  - GSM or CDMA cellular data modem 
  - Wi-Fi Ethernet (802.11 b/g) 
  - Zigbee/Zigbee Pro mesh radio 
  - Bluetooth 802.15.1

• Resolve residential billing complaints 

• Safely record at the meter without external boxes or wires

• NEMA 4X enclosure available for breaker panel mounting

The LD-1120 is a Form 2S residential meter adapter recorder designed to simply plug into a meter base to record whole-house electrical consumption along with detailed information about energy transitions that  occur in the whole house profile. The data collected by the  LD-1120 is used as an input to specialized software algorithms capable of synthesizing trended interval data for each end-use appliance in the home. 

Energy Measurements

The recorder samples the power line and computes watt and VAR values. Transitions in these parameters are used to determine exactly when a particular appliance turns on or off. The LD-1120 records, calculates and stores the date and time of each on/off event along with the voltage, real (watts) and reactive (VARs) power. The recorder also computes and stores whole-building watts and VARs for each recording interval.   

Information Storage

The LD-1120 uses non-volatile flash memory to store the recorder’s application firmware as well as data acquired by the recorder. 

No measurement data is lost during a loss of primary AC power. The unit has a built-in auxiliary power source that allows the unit to operate for 10 seconds after power has been removed. This feature is useful for allowing the re-corder to ignore brief power outages which would other-wise cause missing data and partial intervals. During an extended power outage, the recorder will shut down in an orderly fashion, thus protecting acquired data. Recording will resume automatically upon power restoration.       

Edge Detection

Appliance turn-on/off edge transitions are computed from the 3 Hz real and reactive power computations. An edge is defined as a change in power level thatexceeds a user defined threshold and attains a new steady state level for at least onesecond. The nominal default transition threshold is 150 Watts + VARS, although this value is programmable by the user.