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LM-5400 Series PowerNode™ Recorder /Analyzer

Energy and Power Quality Analyzer/Recorders

  • Three phase 600VAC energy, power quality, and flicker monitoring/recording     
  • Records harmonics and sag/swell events
  • Dynamic waveform capture
  • Months of storage capacity 
  • Cellular CDMA or GSM data modem communications
  • Automatic remote alarm notifications 
  • MODBUS RTU open communication protocol
  • Selectable power sourcing
  • High accuracy via SmartCT™ technology
  • SQL database and analysis software included
  • IP65 weatherproof/ruggedized for field use 
  • Small (10.75” x 8.5” x 4.5”) and light (4 lbs.) 
  • 18 month warranty
  • CE certified

The series is comprised of two unique 3-phase 600v recorders

LM-5410 – Energy Monitoring
LM-5415 – Energy and Power Quality Monitoring

The LM-5410 Portable PowerNode Analyzer/Recorder

Provides 600VAC energy monitoring and recording with remote alarm exceedance notifications. The instrument records four (4) voltage and four (4) current channels simultaneously, detecting over thirty (30) power parameters including kW, kVAR, kVA, true and displacement power factors and frequency. The fourth voltage and current  channels can be used to record neutral-ground voltage and neutral or ground currents. Recorded data is stored in non-volatile flash memory and transferred to the SQL database via internal cellular data modem. Real-time readings, recorder firmware updates and configuration changes can be accomplished over the air, reducing the number of required on-site visits. Local RS-485/USB or optional Bluetooth serial communication is also available for on-site set-up, operational verification or configuration / firmware updates. 

The LM-5415 adds Power Quality Analysis

Features including real time and trended harmonic data, THD, up to 3,000 sag / swell events, triggered waveform capture, and flickermeter analysis per IEC 61000-4-15 standards.


The LM-5415 calculate single cycle RMS voltage and current while saving time-stamped event data if user-specified limits are exceeded, thus, swell and sag data is available for every event with one cycle resolution. Minimum, maximum, and average RMS values are stored for every storage interval.

Harmonic and Waveform Capture - The LM-5415 provides harmonic and THD recording with a sample rate of 128 samples/cycle. Harmonics 2 - 25th are available for trending and analysis. Waveform captures can be triggered on specific events (dv/dt) or as a function of time. Captured waveforms are recorded dynamically and include two pre-trigger and six post-trigger cycles to aid in event analysis.

Twelve user-defined conditions or thresholds can trigger automatic text messaging (on exceedance) to a programmable array of cell phone users for information or additional user action. (Remote communication option is required.)

The LM-5400 series use SmartCT™ technology. Calibration data is stored in the CT for high end-to-end accuracy. Dual range, self-powered flexible CT’s are available.

The LMS-5700 series software contains:

  • PowerScape Software - for management of all recorders in the field; data is automatically retrieved from designated sites via cellular data communications.
  • The SQL Database - user queries from within Excel are used to generate graphical and tabular data reports.
  • Excel Macros charting / reporting routines including zooming and panning features to simplify and enhance visual presentation of collected data. The combination of an SQL database and Excel spreadsheet data allows simple, well-understood navigation of the data and facilitates simple data sharing among a wide range of users on this open platform.