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PowerScape™ Software

PowerScape is the software used to communicate with Enetics power quality recorders. PowerScape is PC based, supporting Windows versions 7, 8 and 10. Data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Express database with a cap of either 2 or 10 Gbyte per database.  Optionally, the system can be upgraded to use a full Microsoft SQL Server with no size limitations. PowerScape is also capable of providing real time readings from the recorders, either locally or remotely, as well as fully configuring recorders.

Collected data is stored over time in a SQL database and available to all authorized users on the LAN or over the Internet. Enetics PowerScape Software allows users to query the database from directly within Microsoft Excel to generate charts and reports using automated Excel macros. Since the data is available in Excel, users can easily perform additional analyses or post-processing. Enetics can provide the SQL database format for you to write your own queries and the macro code if you wish to modify them or write additional macros. The Enetics PowerScape Energy Management System makes critical information available to the personnel who need it.

Key uses of this data include:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Reduce demand charges and power factor penalties
  • Manage curtailment program bidding/assess economic benefit
  • Sub-metering and demand aggregation at single or multiple sites
  • Monitor and document incoming power quality
  • Track down problems / manage load shedding operations
  • Demand control
  • Automatic load control
  • Notifications, paging and local alarms
  • Real-time readings (locally and remote)

PowerScape Software Download

Recorder Firmware

HW Rev - Firmware Version
Rev D - 2.4
Rev E - 2.4
Rev F - 3.11
Rev G - 3.11
For information on the latest firmware version, please contact your local Enetics representative.