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Gas Systems

Safety is the number one priority for gas utilities. We can help you measure performance throughout your entire distribution network, so you can move from a reactionary “hunt and guess” environment to a proactively managed operation.

Enetics GasComm® System

The Enetics GasComm® system provides utilities with an economical method of providing autonomous operational state monitoring of their steel pipe distribution gas network (PE pipe monitoring capability coming soon). GasComm is designed to be strategically installed at remote points throughout the distribution system to provide additional data where control functions are not required. The data acquired from these points can be used for alarming, asset condition assessment, trending, modeling, improved manpower deployment, and reporting.

Web-based Remote Monitoring

Receive near real-time data from battery operated, GPS-enabled assets in the field. View asset location and status at-a-glance, respond quickly and efficiently to system anomalies.

Proactive Monitoring and Alarming for Improved Safety

Data is quickly analyzed for anomalies based on user-specified thresholds. Alarming occurs to alert specified users of conditions that could cause a system failure so they can be addressed immediately.

Asset Condition Assessment

Use historical data to identify assets that may fail due to poor condition, this information can be used to help develop a replacement plan.

System Health

Use the EneticsEdge™ dashboard to review real time system health diagnostics so system surprises can be minimized.

Intrinsically Safe

Certified for Class 1, Division 1, Zone 0 operation, this product will provide the level of field safety demanded by both Enetics and our Customers.


EneticsEdge software can work with a handful, a few dozen, or hundreds of GasComm monitoring systems in the field so a scalable system does not require additional software investment is required to grow a remote monitoring system.


Designed to be hot-tap installed (Mueller or TD Williamson) into existing gas distribution lines, this unique product will measure and record five distinct parameters of the live gas environment: Flow, static pressure, temperature, humidity, and vibration.

SCADA Compatible

The GasComm system is not a control system, but can augment an existing SCADA system. When utilized at a SCADA equipped site, GasComm functions as a multi-variable data acquisition system providing parallel and/or redundant monitoring of the relevant site conditions. GasComm is battery powered and delivers uninterrupted data collection and processing, telemetry, and safety alarm notifications independent of site power outages or potential SCADA equipment failures.

Cost Effective Monitoring of Non-Critical Points

Monitor additional non-critical points in a distribution system without the high cost of installing a control system. The cost effective design of GasComm means larger portions of the system can be monitored thereby decreasing the overall vulnerability of the system.