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Gas Systems

Safety is the number one priority for gas utilities. We can help you measure performance throughout your entire distribution network, so you can move from a reactionary “hunt and guess” environment to a proactively managed operation.

GasComm® Beta Testing

Enetics is excited to announce the beginning phase of a nationwide Beta test of a revolutionary new product for the distribution gas utility marketplace. 


Designed to be hot-tap installed (Mueller or TD Williamson) into existing gas distribution lines, this unique product will measure and record five distinct parameters of the live gas environment.

Intrinsically Safe

Certified for Class 1, Division 1, Zone 0 operation, this product will provide the level of field safety demanded by both Enetics and our customers. 


Designed for use with existing cellular packet networks, recorded data, alarm notifications, and operational setup parameters are exchanged wirelessly. 

Web Portal

Collected data can be easily viewed using a simple web browser. Viewing formats include tabular, graphical, GIS mapping, and user defined reporting templates. All data are stored in SQL database format for ease of post-processing and data sharing. 

Data Hosting

Enetics can provide highly secure data hosting services or deliver data to Utility preferred servers.  


Enetics is accepting only limited additional participation in this Beta testing phase. Please inquire to sales@enetics.com if you are interested in learning more about this new product.