Current Transformers

Current Measurement Solutions:

Split Core Current Transformers

A split core current transformer is a simple way to accurately monitor AC current. The hinged portion of the transformer swings open, allowing an easy installation on a service line without having to interrupt service power.

Three sizes are available, ranging from 5 amps to 2,400 amps, all operating up to 600 VAC line to line. These transformers provide high amplitude linearity and low phase shift error.

The secondary stages of these transformers are internally burdened, eliminating the presence of high voltages during installations and removals. This dramatically reduces the shock hazard for field personnel. All CT’s are UL, CSA, and CE certified.

Flexible Rogowski Current Transformers

Advantages of flexible CT’s over iron-core CT’s include minimal weight, ease of installation on most types of conductors, lack of energy storage, no hysteresis or turns ratio errors, no core-saturation, broad frequency response, and they cannot be damaged by current overload.

Enetics’ flexible CT’s are also part of the SmartCT™ family. The output of these CT’s is a small current. Enetics SmartCT’s include an integration stage to capture this current. Factory calibration metadata is stored in the CT, in onboard non-volatile memory.

Besides providing nominal phase angle errors of less than 0.5⁰ at 60Hz, the local access to calibration data allows these CT’s to be interchangeable between lines. No longer do field personnel need to catalog a particular CT to a particular service line for post error corrections. The Enetics Energy or PQ instrument will read and implement the calibration immediately upon power up, normalizing each CT.

Four sizes are available, spanning capture diameters from 4 to 16 inches and currents from 20 to 6,000 amps.