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Residential Energy Monitoring (NILM)

Enetics introduced the first non-intrusive appliance load monitoring system (NILM) to the utility market in 1996 and are the recognized leader in the field today.

The Enetics SPEED™ recorders provide a breakdown of individual appliance energy consumption in addition to the total energy consumption of a residence. This information enables load research, the monitoring of demand-side management programs and addressing high utility bill complaints.

Available in a 2S meter base package or a NEMA 4X enclosure, the SPEED™ recorders use patented power signature recognition algorithms to discern individual load profiles from within the aggregate power consumption data. This non-intrusive (NILMS) method removes the need to enter the home and separately instrument each appliance load.

SPEED™    Single Point End-Use Energy Disaggregation

NILMS    Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring System