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PL-5380 Wireless Pulse Data Logger


  • 4-input channels; simultaneous recording of electricity, water, gas in any combination
  • Integrated cellular data modem for wireless backhaul
  • Program operating configuration by loading a file
  • Years of data storage on removable SD card
  • Internal real-time clock and time sync to cellular carrier
  • Efficient data transfer using .FTP facilities
  • DNS facilities – purchase of static IP is not required
  • Local comms through RS-232, RS-485, optional Ethernet
  • Full suite of local and long-haul wireless communications facilities
  • Over-the-air automatic code update and configuration update
  • Optional internal rechargeable battery
  • DC inputs for solar charger
  • NEMA 4X, IP65

The Challenge: The Inconvenience of Data Collection

Logging the output from a pulse initiator source usually isn’t an issue. The challenge comes in communicating the data and then making use of it. Drive-by data collection, telephone lines, Cat 5 Ethernet cables, ultra-low rate communications over power lines, or worse, walk-up data collection all present their own problems and levels of inconvenience.

The Solution: Versatile Wireless Data Communications

The Enetics PL-5380 – a versatile 4-channel pulse logger and configurable wireless  communications engine. The PL-5380 has a general-purpose communications socket  integrated into the motherboard that can be equipped with any one of five different data  communications modules in just minutes – in the field at the install site. Each of the modules use the same interface and plugs into the master socket on the PL-5380 mother board. The 5 different communications modules are:

  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
  • GPRS (GSM cellular packet data)
  • 3G CDMA cellular packet data-1XRTT - Verizon, Sprint
  • Zigbee mesh network radio

Mesh Radio Communications

With the PL-5380 Wireless Pulse Data Logger, Enetics now brings Zigbee®-based  communications modules to our growing family of metering products. Whether point-to-multipoint, mesh, or long-range mesh extenders, Enetics offers radio solutions to keep you connected and your data flowing.

Point to Multi-point IEEE 8902.15.4 300 feet to 1 mile 250 kbps
Mesh Zigbee Pro 400 feet to 2 miles 250 kbps
Point to Multi-point or Mesh Propriety - network repeater/extender 15 miles 1-/125 kbps

Field Install Friendly

Communication configurability means fewer-to-no repeat trips to the install site. Now  the installation technician can choose the type of communications module to match the  resources available at the site. Whether Ethernet using Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), cellular packet data, or mesh radio, the technician can just plug in the necessary module and the data starts to flow.

Flexible Pulse Recording

Each of the 4 pulse channels are independently configurable in all regards: type of  parameter being recorded, scaling, interval duration, even in the type of physical interface: logic level, contact closure, or open collector.